Company History


by  Ana Márcia de Albuquerque


Ana Márcia, Creative Director of Goldesign Bossa Group, brings extraordinary beauty to each design and affirms that “MORE IS MORE” (and never LESS). For the wealth of details in the art of jewelry is the very DNA of Goldesign Group.

The joy of creation, together with the constant search for greatness in design, is shown in each piece, resulting in artworks that seduce and surprise. This sophistication is now reflected in new experiences showing nature as an infinite source of inspiration for Ana Márcia Albuquerque.

Acclaimed for its exuberant and exquisite jewelry design, the brand has achieved worldwide recognition and is used by prominent women in the USA, United Arab Emirates and Europe. And launches now its HOME, SWEETS and PARFUMS lines, for a more complete Goldesign experience.

Ana Marcia Albuquerque has built an excellent reputation, and her business has risen to the
top of the jewelry community in Brazil. Due to demand and invitations, she started
participating in international fairs 21 years ago. For this reason, she has become a
well-known personality among jewelry consumers in the Arab countries and ended up
creating a very close relationship with this market, which she has as clients, members of the
royal families.
Ana Marcia Albuquerque imparts a glamorous influence, and her stylish aesthetic is often
reflected in Goldesign Bossa Collections. Her creations are distinguished by their unique,
exuberant, and creative design.
Rubies, tsavorites, emeralds, blue sapphire, topaz, and diamonds come together in an
interesting and sophisticated combination made by her. Ana Marcia creates incredible jewels
that are the result of her refined and unique style!
From the classic culture of France, where she studied design, she influenced her unique
style along with oriental cultures, Brazilian jewelry, and her differentiated approach that
harmoniously transforms all of this into beautiful jewelry!
Flowers and nature are one of the main inspirations for Ana. This enchants her and also
inspires her to perceive the classic with the modern in her creations. An example is the
ancient French technique Jewell "Tremblant", used by her to create delicate movements for
the flowers in the pieces.
Ana Marcia Albuquerque was the curator of JWS Jewelry & Watch Show 2018, the most
important jewelry fair in the United Arab Emirates. Responsible for thinking about the fair
spaces, of 15 thousand square meters, she took to the show several novelties, such as the
creation of different spaces for countries, what happened to India, Brazil, and Italy. In these,
environments were developed where visitors could get to know the best of each country.
With this, a group of 15 selected Brazilian companies was taken to the fair.
In 2019, Ana Marcia Albuquerque and the Goldesign Group launch the Bossa project. Bossa
is a Brazilian concept store with the best products that you can only find in this tropical
country. You will feel, smell, eat, see and touch the best sensations of Brazil near you.